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Put Together the Perfect Poles: 5 Color Combinations Our Flock Loves

Put Together the Perfect Poles: 5 Color Combinations Our Flock Loves

You can use the online Mingos builder to envision what your ski poles will look like long before they arrive at your door. There are five colors to choose from: Off-Piste Orange, French Fry, Flamingo Pink, Bluebird, and Easy Green. They’re fun, bright, and made for mixing and matching. But what’s the top color combo for you? 

To help you find your perfect match, we tapped different members of our Flock to see the most popular and Instagram-worthy creations. These are only a few of our favorite Flock purchases: 

Barbie Meets Ken: Flamingo Pink and Bluebird

Our best-selling color combination has customers flocking with this bold collaboration. The pop of Flamingo Pink is reminiscent of the forever-iconic Barbie, and the wow-worthy Bluebird provides the ultimate contrast.

Watermelon Madness: Flamingo Pink and Easy Green

Celebrate the colors and flavors of summer with Flamingo Pink and Easy Green. And while you’re at it, maybe pack a bag of Sour Patch Watermelon as your matching chairlift snack. 

Don’t You Wanna Fanta?: Bluebird and Off-Piste Orange

We can’t help but think of the iconic Fanta logo when we see Bluebird and Off-Piste Orange together. Bonus: This is also an excellent combo for any Mets, Knicks, or Broncos fans out there, too. 

Land and Sea: Bluebird and Easy Green

As you cruise down the slopes, reflect the natural beauty of the ocean and grassy knolls year-round with Bluebird and Easy Green. 

Football Frenzy: Bluebird and French Fry

During football season (and anytime, really), you can rock a color combination that shows your alliances. Bluebird and French Fry represent a union that fits NCAA teams like UCLA and NFL teams like the L.A. Chargers. 
You can personalize your poles with one, two, or all of the colors available. Before you fully commit to the design, you can test out your favorites in our online builder—down to the grips, straps, and baskets. Ready to design your own poles? Start customizing them here.


Written by Blake Solomon