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About Us 

The inspiration behind our colorful creations

Meet Mingos 

There's a lot to love about our poles and 
accessories, which all come in five fun colors

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Wonder Where Mingos Was Born?

Here’s the story behind our colorful flock from our founder:
My dad taught me how to ski as a kid, and I've been hitting the slopes ever since. And in 2018, my husband gifted me skis for my birthday. Complete with turquoise and white stripes, I couldn't get over my cool new equipment. Soon after receiving my skis, I went on the hunt for fun, brightly colored poles to round out the look — but they were nowhere to be found. For whatever reason, the majority of ski poles on the market were black, gray, or white. I ultimately settled on some yellow poles, but even those came with black grips, straps, and baskets.

As time went on, I couldn't stop thinking about these poles and all of the ways I wanted to improve them. So, I set out to reinvent this corner of the industry. After six months of extensive research and brainstorming, I used my background in engineering to design ski poles and develop prototypes. This included lots of testing, re-designing, more testing and even turning our garage into a massive (not to mention, messy) powder coating booth.
After 2.5 years of development, we finally launched Mingos — bold and exciting ski poles with an option to easily customize your combination of grips, baskets, and straps. After a series of trials and proverbial moguls, we were one step closer to fulfilling our dream of seeing happier, more colorful skiers shredding down mountains all over the world.

The Mingos name was inspired by the look of the unique and distinctively pink flamingos — join our flock today. After all, you weren't made to blend in, and neither should your poles.

Live Colorfully 

As you cruise down the mountain, you can make a statement with ski poles that really pop. From vibrant pink to bold blue, there's a lot to love about our sturdy, standout poles.


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