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How We Choose the Materials for Mingos Ski Poles

How We Choose the Materials for Mingos Ski Poles

How We Choose the Materials for Mingos Ski Poles

As you're cruising down the slopes, you’re probably not thinking about what your Mingos poles are made of—and that’s because you don’t have to! We did all the work for you, to ensure that you have the best possible experience on the mountain.

Mingos poles were designed by a mechanical engineer with a serious passion for skiing. That combination resulted in our incredibly durable and impressively lightweight poles. And while we love to emphasize the beauty of these one-of-a-kind poles, we have to give some props to its high-quality design. 


Types of ski poles

Before we get into the materials we use, here’s how Mingos poles compare to other types of ski poles:


  • Alpine ski poles: Mingos are considered alpine ski poles, which are used for people who participate in downhill skiing (the most common type of skiing). They are intended to help with propulsion and control on the slopes. While materials like aluminum are more common, there are other methods used to create these poles. For instance, carbon and bamboo ski poles are alternative materials for classic alpine ski poles.


  • Cross-country ski poles: As the name suggests, cross-country skiing involves trekking through snow-covered terrain—though not necessary going down a mountain. For this activity, you need longer poles to perform the proper technique.


  • Nordic walking: This activity uses poles similar to cross-country ski poles, but you walk on a trail or sidewalk. It’s an alternative to walking that can burn more calories. 

Mingos ski pole materials 

All Mingos poles are made with Aluminum 6061, which we chose for several reasons. Aluminum 6061 is: 

1. Lightweight and strong, yet surprisingly flexible—exactly what you need as you navigate down the mountain.
2. A material that can withstand stresses from impacts and bend without breaking. 
3. Corrosion-resistant, which is an important factor given all of the moisture your poles experience from the snow.

      In addition to the pole structure, we also hand-selected materials for the grips, baskets, and straps that would work well in terms of comfort and durability. The grips and baskets are made with injection molded polyurethane and they have a five-year UV resistance to avoid fading. Plus, the adjustable straps are constructed with strong polyester webbing. Together these pole elements work to keep your hands comfortable and secure all day long.

      Now that you understand more about the Mingos materials, you can feel even better about crafting your own colorful custom poles. 

      Want to learn more about Mingos and our founder? Read her story here.


      Written by Blake Solomon